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Help where it’s needed.

While you dog is catching a frisbee like a machine or retrieving a ball for the 3000th time, other things are happening within the body. Specifically, in the gut. Nobody mentions it, but we’re here to make sure no detail is overlooked when it comes to your dog’s health.

During physical activity, the digestive track is taxed or compromised. We wanted to aid digestion during these difficult times, so we started by using compounds that support intestinal tissue and the intestinal villi.

The villi are the tiny finger-like structures in the small intestine that absorb nutrients. We added a highly effective package of guaranteed live bugs, commonly referred to as probiotics, at an appropriate level of 95,000,000 CFU’s per 1 oz. of Revive.

What are CFU’s exactly? They’re Colony Forming Units, and it’s how the industry measures probiotics. These are a beneficial, viable digestive bacteria that help maintain healthy microflora for a stable gut environment.

Then, we included both pathogen binders and toxin binders. These binders absorb or lock on and prevent harmful toxins or pathogens from spreading or affecting the gut as they leave the body. These natural B-1-3 glucan binders are very effective and fast-acting, which can prevent your dog from being sidelined from a day of play.

Next, we added acidifiers to help maintain proper pH in the gut. These acidifiers are specifically designed to adjust to the proper pH—rather than hoping the microflora will get the job done. We included all of these features to help during stressful exercise, and to help keep the digestive tract working to its fullest potential.

But we didn’t stop there. Next, we’ll discuss Immune Modulators.

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