Immune Modulators

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It’s important to understand that your dog’s immune system is critical to both short- and long-term health. Viral and bacterial pathogens are constantly present in our environment. Your dog’s immune system is its only effective line of defense against these.

The immune system can be compromised in many ways, such as through poor diet, stress over vaccination, the use of antibiotics, physical overwork and toxemia. When the immune system becomes compromised, antibody function is reduced, putting all other body systems at risk. Let’s not go there.

When your dog is under stress, there is a natural elevation in stress hormones. These are commonly known as the fight or flight hormones. You probably learned about that in elementary school.

The fight or flight hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, are designed to go up during these times of stress and then return to normal levels or a resting state. Now, if these hormones stay elevated for an extended period of time, the adrenal glands can become exhausted.

Remember that cortisol that we just mentioned? One key function of cortisol is to shut down non-essential body functions when stress is significant or prolonged. These non-essential functions include the immune system, digestion, appetite, and circulation to the skin. Cortisol allows the body to route energy to more immediate survival functions.

We want your dog to avoid this altogether. To do this, we included what are called immune modulators in Revive. In fact, we added several of them. Now, let’s not confuse an immune modulator with an immune stimulant. Immune stimulants, like Echinacea, can only be taken for very short periods of time because they will exhaust adrenal glands and that’s what we want to avoid.

The immune modulators that we use bring the immune system to a ready state, allowing the immune system to respond to threats and then return to normal levels and not exhaust your dog’s adrenal function.

Documented research shows that the immune modulators we used in Revive improve microphage production and increase Plasma igG and bile igA levels by 25%. This boils down to helping reduce the risks of illnesses during stressful conditions by supporting your dog’s immune function.


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  1. Such a fascinating read! Understanding immune modulators and their impact on our dogs’ health is truly eye-opening. It’s crucial to stay informed about these important aspects of canine well-being. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

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