About Us

Canine Health Forward

Canine Health Forward began where every good company does: with hands-on research and development. In early 2001, we felt that our company should include not only work for the family pet, but also canine athletes that display a passion for performance. This endeavor took us to all corners of the globe.

Our research revealed that there were too many tall tales being told in the canine health industry. We found so many products for dogs that weren’t necessarily bad for them, but really did nothing good for the animals they claimed to help.

We found products that contain good ingredients but not enough to do any good, or exceptionally poor quality ingredients or products in general. Most were a reactionary product to a problem, something designed to fix.

We decided to look at it from another angle, which was that of pet health care. We felt that if we designed canine health products to not only to aid in the health of dogs, we could take a preventative approach to their health. It was something the industry was lacking.

We saw technology through nutraceuticals that were backed by research, but that no one was using. We worked diligently to make lines of dog food, oral supplements and health aids that would capture the future of pet health care: products that relied on natural preventative care.

But that wasn’t enough. What good are these products if no one can afford them? That’s when we decided to go one step further and price them so that every dog owner could share with their loyal companion. No rip-offs, no tricks, no marketing scams. Just an all-encompassing product line for the all-American family, for the all-American dog.

That’s what we are all about: dogs.

We love these dogs. We know they’d do anything for us. This is our chance to do the same for them.

And then, Canine Health forward was born. Out of a desire to help dogs be dogs and help people be able to afford premium care for their dogs. Give customers and their dogs more for less. That has been and always will be our mission statement. We operate a very small family-run business. We don’t have investors or shareholders to persuade us. Just our moral compass pointing directly at comprehensive pet health care.

We are lucky enough to be located on the North Shore of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world. It’s nearly an inland ocean. As we look out into the vastness of the great lake, we couldn’t help but see the great beyond, which drove us to take our product line to the world.  In 2016, we did just that. We brought ten of the best products together in a line of pet health care that’s built on natural, preventative ingredients. This is Canine Health Forward.