Proteinated Trace Minerals

Absorb it all. Lose nothing.

We used proteinated trace minerals in our food formulas to increase bioavailability—or your dog’s ability to absorb.

You see many manufactures use incredibly useless or non-absorbable trace mineral like oxides or sulfates in their formulas. On a good day, an oxide is only 10% usable by your dog. Sulfates, on the other hand, are better—but only 60% usable at the very best.

Using such low grade trace minerals often times prompts formulators to add much higher amounts of oxides or sulfates in anticipation of poor absorption rates. High amounts of trace minerals that are not bioavailable can cause a reaction in the intestinal tract.

The intestinal tract senses an overload or possible toxic level of a certain trace mineral, which is when the body begins to secrete mucus on the inner surface of the intestinal tract. This mucus then protects the intestinal tract form what the body perceives as a possible threat.

However, when this occurs, it also prevents the fullest potential of absorption of anything else that passes through the gut. This is a bad cycle to get into. That’s why we have formulated with the correct amounts of only proteinated trace minerals to avoid this vicious cycle.

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