Dig In: Accede

Accede is another all-natural, topical liniment or massage balm from Canine Health Forward. However, it has a slightly different use from Zalox.

In this product, we chose to utilize the cold-pressed oil base approach. This keeps the essential oil blend in contact with the skin of the sore muscle or joint longer because it eliminates any possible evaporation that would shorten the life of the liniment on skin.

European research has shown that cold-pressed peanut oil can be an extremely effective carrier of essential oils and botanicals to the capillaries in swollen or sore joints or muscles. After the peanut oil carries the essential oils with it through the skin, the peppermint acts as the vasodilator to relax the capillary walls and increase circulation to the area, which then removes the fluid waste that caused swelling or soreness.

After that, a thorough blend of additional essential oils provides natural anti-inflammatory and immune support your dog deserves. Don’t be afraid to use it on your hands while massaging your dog—this formula is gentle and safe to use.

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