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A unique level of defense.

We’ve learned a lot over the last decade of working with dogs and advanced canine nutrition. Over that time, we noticed an increased awareness regarding the topic of both single cell parasites and pathogens. Some of these single cell parasites include coccidia, cryptosporidium and giardia. Common pathogens that can affect our dogs are salmonella, clostridium and Campylobacter.

Any of these examples can cause substantial harm to canines. The fact is, many of these bad bugs are naturally present in our dog’s body, primarily in the digestive tract. When your pet’s immune system is compromised, like when your dog is stressed, there is a sudden increase in these bad bugs. They begin to establish a greater presence and will then take hold, which can be catastrophic in dogs. So how does this happen?

We all know how prone our dogs are to picking up things in their mouths. They live for it.  Unfortunately, this habit sometimes means picking up a dead mouse or rodent that can carry extremely harmful parasites and pathogens.

Another mode of transportation is through fecal matter. And as you know, unfortunately, some dogs are happily attracted to sniffing, playing and sometimes ingesting other dogs’ fecal material.

The traditional approach to curing this problem is a sulfur-based treatment which is very caustic. Through scientific formulation, Canine Health Forward has identified methods to reduce the risk of such a hostile takeover in your dog’s gut. We have incorporated a special blend of natural ingredients that not only strengthens the intestinal tract to withstand an attack of this type, but also helps fight off such nasties.

We take an everyday therapeutical approach to canine health by adding our one-of-a-kind Kennel Keeper to our feed. This ensures the ultimate protection for your companion.

No matter if you kennel consists of one dog or 20 happy retrieving labradors. Keep them all protected with Kennel Keeper.

There’s no detail too small for us. That’s why we even consider the best when it comes to Proteinated Trace Minerals.

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