Summer is here and it has us all hiding from the same pesty problem

As humans, no matter where we call home, the early days of summer bring out some favorite evening activities.  Yet shortly after the sun goes down we find ourselves running from the evening bugs of early summer.  This time of year they come out hot and heavy ready to take a bite of us that is so big that perhaps they could pay taxes on the real estate they fly away with.  We run for the bug repellent in a panic to cover ourselves in but as pet parents…don’t forget about the family pet!.  This is a job that calls for Protekt.

Protekt is our all natural and highly effective insect and fly repellent for dogs.  Made from all organic ingredients that not only are highly effective but in high levels to effectively give your pet the protection it needs.  Protekt works fast, effectively and for a long time. But most importantly, it’s pet-friendly. We don’t use pyrethrin, phenothrin or any other nasty chemicals, but we also didn’t want to create another all-natural insect repellent that can’t stand up to pesky flying insects.   Protekt can either be sprayed on or wiped on with a saturated cloth to areas that need a heavier application. Don’t test the waters on those early summer evenings without it.  Works great on us humans to!

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