Slow Baked Process

Cool and easy does it.

Another essential requirement in our manufacturer selection was that the facility would need to slow bake to our standards.

Now let me tell you, very few facilities will even talk to you about a slow baked process. There are even more that say they will, but are not truly slow baking for one simple reason: it costs money. That is the bottom line for almost all manufactures.

Luckily, we were able to get in contact with a small, family-owned operation in the heart of the midwest that has vowed for decades to never compromise quality. That has been proven by the products they produce. And that’s exactly what we were looking for.

There are several steps and reactions to consider when choosing a baking process. First, baking at a lower temp prevents damage the profiles of the ingredients. It allows us to fully complete an important process that pertains to the carbohydrates, or starches. As starches are baked, they begin to “gelatinize”. Gelatinization is the breakdown of starches when in the presence of heat and water. This process creates a starch that is much more usable for your dog. Research shows that the higher the gelatinization percent, the more usable the starch source becomes. Therefore, our slow baked process makes our carbohydrate sources (starches) to be of the most usable form known to man.

Now we acknowledge that a longer bake time takes more energy, which increases the cost of the final product. We were okay with that because it ensures the highest standard in quality for your dog. We can’t say we do what’s best for your dog if we aren’t willing to do everything we can.

Speaking of doing everything we can, we’d like to introduce you and your dog to Kennel Keeper.

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