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Here’s something you might know already know: our dogs don’t need carbohydrates. In fact, the National Research Council states that compared to protein and fats, zero carbs (yes— zero) are needed for a healthy canine diet. Turns out dogs don’t share our human carb cravings.

Since dry feed sprouted up in the middle of the last century, manufacturers fell head over heels for carbohydrates. They were cheap, abundant, offered a long shelf life and were essential for the manufacturing process of dry dog food.

Now, carbohydrates are not necessarily bad for dogs. The problem lies in both the quantity and quality of them. In Advance, we use the smallest amount of high grade carbohydrates necessary. No main ingredients or fillers come from carbohydrates in Canine Health Forward’s products.

However, we do use carbohydrates to some extent, with quality and function being our goal. We looked for the right sources and the most usable carbs. As you know, corn is a carb. But even slow cooked, corn is just over 50% digestible. That won’t do.

We then looked at complex carbohydrates or parts of carbohydrates to see if they could offer what we were looking for. We decided to use a grain, but never as-is. When you see grain ingredients on our label, we’re actually using a certain layer or part of the grain that provides the best nutrient profile for our intended result.

For example, in our Advance food, we use rice flour as the main carbohydrate source. Rice flour is derived from the best part of the brown rice kernel. It is then made into a flour to ensure the greatest absorption rate for your dog. Rice flour is a quickly usable energy source that meets our high standards.

You will find that we never use the subpar parts of the rice product, or a by-product of the ingredient. Using poorer quality carbohydrates or by-products are tricks commonly used by other companies to disguise their ingredient list. We avoid such gimmicks by using only the heart of the finest carb sources to increase our transparency. We want to create a bond with you just like you have with your dog, and we can only do that by being straightforward and honest.

Next, we’ll show how Advance’s joint support goes above and beyond—just like your dog does for you. All Natural Joint Support.

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