All Natural Joint Support

Natural compounds that grease the squeaky wheel.

Research has shown that some all natural products, derived from a highly concentrated source, can greatly increase synovial fluid in the joints. At Canine Health Forward, we believe in a preventative, therapeutic approach to maintaining healthy joints. We want to make sure that the joint works properly every day, so that injury or joint breakdown does not occur.

Think of synovial fluid as a liquid with the consistency of an egg white. This fluid is naturally produced by your dog to cushion and aid in lubrication of the joint, as well as the articulation or movement of the cartilage in the joint.

By helping your dog produce more synovial fluid naturally with daily food, you’re keeping joints healthy without expensive supplementation.

AAFCO guidelines prohibit us from adding a substantial amount of glucosamine or chondroitin, which is needed for repair. Competitors will add these to their feeds, but they are limited to insignificant amounts and are there for marketing purposes only. We won’t go there.

Our natural compounds for synovial fluid production aren’t just off the shelf at the local drugstore. They are specific plant products handled a certain way from the moment they are picked to ensure the molecular breakdown of the plant does not occur. Like many ingredients used in Canine Health Forward’s formulas, we test these periodically to ensure the greatest quality control.

While we’re talking quality control, let’s talk antioxidants. Specifically, our unique, Cutting Edge Antioxidants.

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