Fat from Meat, as Nature Intended

The use of plant-derived fat sources as a major dietary source can disrupt the natural process of digestion in dogs. It can also challenge their immune system and lead to less than optimal performance.

When fats are absorbed in the small intestine, they must be structurally compatible and balanced with proteins. This ensures a healthy intestinal environment and the best opportunity nutrient utilization. That’s why we use only animal-based fat sources from clear waters and farms with high standards.

Here’s a fat fact: fats are the main energy source of canines. It’s what gives them their get up and go. Offer your dog the best forms of that essential energy. It’s what fuels them. That’s what our formulation is all about.

Next, we started to look at carbs: an overused element of canine nutrition. Check out our post on High-Quality Carbs.


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