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We searched high and low for a manufacturer that we could trust with our formula. It was not an easy task. You see, when it comes to the foundation of a dry feed, the meat products come in a wide array of qualities. We knew that we would not accept any meat by-products or mby-product meals, but there was a lot more to it than that.

Meat meals come in about 20 different grades, depending on how much protein or meat is actually in the end product. We manufacture with only the top two grades that money can buy, which means our meat is:

  • From a USDA-inspected facility
  • Free of both antibiotics or hormones

In fact, these are the only products that our manufacturer will even work with. For them, and for us, it’s the top two grades or nothing. That’s how it is and always will be.

Next on our list of requirements was EU certification. This means that the meat products used in our dry feeds are not only the highest quality,  but that they also meet the European Union’s standards.

Europe has much tighter restrictions on the quality of meat products in their dog foods, which is why meeting this requirement matched our standards perfectly.

All of our protein sources are also low ash, which refers to the unusable or left over parts of protein after it is processed. Typically, this refers to the bone material that is in protein meals.  We keep the ash down, and out of our feed and your dog.

Then, we needed to make sure the fat quality was as great as the protein. Learn why this fat from meat matters to your dog.

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3 thoughts on “Premium Meat

  1. just got a new german shepherd puppy, now 11 weeks old and looking for a different puppy food. which canine health forward food would you suggest? thanks

    1. Thank you for considering Canine Health Forward!! You and your new puppy will be very happy with the Aspire formula during this fun stage of learning and growth!!

  2. I see my dog food here is 76% from meat type sources and 8% ASH, it would be nice if those were listed

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