Dig In: Patch-N-Go

Patch-N-Go was born out of a need to supply what was missing from canine health. To us, the industry lacked a healing compound that would really make a difference to a dog’s wellbeing. We then designed and created a product that would stand out in the market without using anything harmful or synthetic.

Here’s how Patch-N-Go works:

  • Creates a good healing environment by increasing circulation to the affected area
  • Takes the body’s natural healing response and rushes it to the area of concern
  • Naturally increases the healing process that your dog’s body already demonstrates

We used research from major universities to incorporate ingredients that actually increase cell division. Some people might wonder why we would divide cells instead of build bigger ones. It all comes down to producing new, healing cells. To actually heal tissue or skin, we have to divide what is called epithelial cells, or skin cells, to heal the gap that the minor cut or abrasion has left behind.

Think of it as building a bridge across the cut. The body naturally does this on its own but we can greatly speed up this process by the using cell division.

We do this by using a powerful formula of fast-acting pure essential oils. At this point, we’ve created a good healing environment and are increasing the skin cells at a rate never seen before. Next, we had to make sure that infection doesn’t get back into our healing site, and start the whole process all over.

We added natural essential oils that act as an extremely effective antimicrobial to keep the wound clean and the bad stuff out. Best of all, Patch-N-Go is safe for your pet to lick, as you know he will, because there’s nothing synthetic or harmful in the formula. All natural, all the time.


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