Dig In: Protekt

No one likes spending a beautiful day outdoors swatting away flying insects. It’s even worse for our dogs, who can’t reach for a swatter when things get dicey. We couldn’t find a product on the market that effectively kept flying insects away without the use of harmful chemicals. So we made Protekt.

Protekt works fast, effectively and for a long time. But most importantly, it’s pet-friendly. We don’t use pyrethrin, phenothrin or any other nasty chemicals, but we also didn’t want to create another all-natural insect repellent that can’t stand up to pesky flying insects.

The answer was in our unique botanical oils. We came up with a superior blend of nine highly concentrated, natural botanical oils in high amounts that together keep these freeloaders off you and your pets for hours.

Protekt can either be sprayed on or wiped of with a saturated cloth to areas that need a heavier application. Don’t step foot in the outdoors without it.

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