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These days, our dogs go with us everywhere. They’re our best companions, whether we’re going for a run or running an errand. However, being by our side wherever we go also means they are exposed to a wide array of new environments that can be somewhat stressful.

When our dogs experience these new smells, sights and places, it can trigger a stress response. The fight or flight hormone levels (cortisol) begin to rise, and the body naturally begins to slow or shut down non-essential body functions. One of these functions is the digestive tract.

We see this happening in the condition of their stool. Loose or poor stool quality can occur when your dog engages in prolonged physical activity or stress.

To combat loose stools or even diarrhea, Canine Health Forward developed Firm-A-Stool. It does exactly what it says it does: helps maintain stool firmness and structure or repair loose stools or diarrhea. Best of all, it does it without sedating, subduing or slowing your dog down like other products do. That’s not natural and that’s not us.
Firm-A-Stool doesn’t impact your dog’s body system, but helps repair what’s lost naturally and quickly. We’ve used a special nutraceutical blend that helps slow down the passage of nutrients through your dog’s gut to encourage a normal, firm stool again.

Replacing what’s lost

In extreme cases such as strenuous physical activity where your dog’s body systems are severely compromised, peristalsis may not be occurring properly and must be helped to start once again. What is peristalsis exactly? It is the voluntary contraction and relaxation in the intestine that creates wave-like movements to push the contents in the intestine forward. Think of it like an inchworm that helps your dog’s gut keep moving. We use key roughage products that slow down the passage of nutrients through the gut to help with this.

Another downside of diarrhea or extremely loose stools is that the body loses key vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain proper body and gut condition. We replace those to make sure your dog has what has been lost.

Slowing down the passage of food through the gut, repairing peristalsis and replacing what is lost is the Firm-A-Stool approach to helping your dog. And that’s what we’re all about.
Whether it’s the car ride to the cabin, a walk through through the dog park, or hunting birds all weekend long, Firm-A-Stool is the natural, effective health aid to help your dogs cope with stressful environments.

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