Dig In: Zalox

No dog enjoys having sore muscles or joints after exercise. Fortunately for your and your running or hunting buddy, Canine Health Forward can help get your dog back in the game.

By using a topical liniment, we can soothe muscles and joints, remove waste from these areas and bring them back to a ready state for hours of endless physical activity. Common liniments are merely alcohol-based products that give the feeling or sense of coolness on the skin. Yet after evaporation, they do little for sore muscles or joints.

Zalox is a cream-based product that has an extremely concentrated formula. It will naturally penetrate the skin and act fast to remove the buildup of fluid from sore or swollen joints and muscles.

This is accomplished by first using a vasodilator to start the process. Vasodilator may sound like a drug to some, but it is actually quite the opposite. A vasodilator is a natural product that relaxes the cells in the walls of the tiny capillaries in the skin.

By doing this, blood flow is increased to the affected area. That’s exactly what we want for healing. We use a high-quality Aloe vera and wintergreen wrapped up with many other powerful botanicals and essential oils to open and relax those blood vessels and increase blood flow. This helps remove the swelling or soreness from muscles.

We also added some pure essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties as well as oils that support the immune system. We did this so that when your dog is feeling the soreness of a pulled muscle, we can also aid the immune system in your dog’s recovery.

All of this is wrapped up in one, all-natural product that is soothing to the touch and can help your dog feel like a puppy again. In fact, you can use a bit on your own hands while applying. It’s even safe for your dog to lick or ingest. And if your dog is anything like ours, this is a big deal.

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