Controlled Absorption

The good stuff: in the right place, at the right time.

The second key aspect of Revive is its ability to deliver those high GE energy sources to your dog in a controlled absorption manner. We want just the right amount at just the right rate.

Research has shown that the high GE energy sources that we use in Revive are much more efficiently delivered to the body when fed along with certain key nutrients.

Our scientific formulation provides the critical nutrients needed for this “controlled absorption” of energy sources to the muscle. These nutrients help with sustained performance, while avoiding carbo crash. This method represents a major breakthrough in dietary support to canines for both during and after exercise.

Offering Reveive during physical exercise to reduce the depletion of glycogen from your dog’s muscle reserves, and also within 30 minutes after exercise, will speed muscle recovery and aid the muscles’ glycogen reserves.

Now that we have the most effective energy source, and the nutrients that control the absorption and avoid performance crash, let’s talk about the other added features of Revive that our competitors would never offer. Digestive Support.

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