Effective Energy Sources

We formulated Revive with new technology that offers state-of-the-art benefits. Compared to the conventional maltodextrin supplements, ours is 35% more effective. First off, we used the highest rated energy source, with the greatest Glucose Equivalent (GE) rating on the market.

The higher the GE rating, the more efficient the utilization of energy by the muscles. A proper match of high GE energy to muscle cell osmolality is critical for optimum use of the energy source, and minimal production of insulin in the body.

If you were to use a poorer quality energy source, the body must produce a higher insulin level for an extended period of time. This results in a quick surge of performance, only to be followed by a depressed performance known as a carbo crash, while the body tries to restabilize.

Remember eating all of your Halloween candy in one sitting when you were young? Maybe your parents were wise enough to stop you. If not, you’ll recall the sugar high followed by the crash.

It doesn’t feel great. Let’s not take our dog on that route either. Revive’s formula starts with the very best energy source to help avoid carbo crash and to keep your dog performing at the highest level all day long.

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