Pathogen Binders and Toxin Binders

Tie up the bad guys, and throw them out

Let’s start with Pathogen binders. Research has showed us that certain all-natural Beta Glucan compounds are extremely effective at absorbing pathogens that may sneak into your dog’s intestinal tract and set up shop. Some examples of these pathogens are E. coli, Salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus, campylobacter and clostridium. You probably recognize these as very nasty pathogens you don’t want your dog to carry around.

How does the binder work, you may ask. Imagine the binder as a tiny rubber ball.  This rubber ball floats down through the gut of your dog unnoticed. The binder looks like the perfect host for  a pathogen to set up camp on and spread their disease. What the pathogen doesn’t know is that when they attach to the binder, they cannot let go. At this point, the pathogen is getting angry and to get back at the binder it tries to release its venom and spread themselves. Another thing the pathogen does not know is that while attached to the binder, they can’t spread venom.

So they ride along in the gut, angry as a hornet, until they are secreted in the stool into the light of day. Never to harm your dog again.

A rubber ball that collects and disposes of pathogens. We loved it, and so will your dog.

Now that we had pathogens covered, we decided to use the same technology for binding up toxins. We used toxin binders that were not only active against pathogenic bacteria but also toxins produced by molds or yeast, which are referred to as mycotoxins. The digestive tract can be compromised during times of stress, including travel, new environments, time of demanding physical activity or even a diet change. During these times, pathogens may enter the gut and disrupt the intestinal lining. Genesis acts fast to absorb any toxins if this occurs, and provide a wonderful level of protection for your dog.

The other way Genesis protects? By supporting your dog’s health with Immune System Modulators.

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