Is Microalgae the answer to a more sustainable Omega-3?

Nutrition drives are switching and pet parents are more connected and informed about nutrition and sustainability than ever before.

For most pet owners, purchasing high-quality ingredients, health benefits and nutritional guarantee for their companion is non-negotiable. In fact, a recent study showed that  85% of pet owners across the US rank the health benefits of pet food as important or very important when making a purchasing decision.  Nutrition drives are switching and pet parents are more connected and informed about nutrition and sustainability.   One of these ingredients that is sought after by pet owners, omega-3, is the single most wanted ingredient for 70% of American  pet owners to find in their companion’s food, as it provides pets with better brain, heart, skin, and coat health. Yet many pet food manufacturers have challenges in sourcing and formulating this rich ingredient.  Fish oil, the most common source of omega-3 in pet food, is a limited natural resource.

But what if there was a way to go straight to the source for omega-3: microalgae?  Algae-based omega-3 DHA is the new, sustainable, and responsible way to provide pets with high quality active nutrition.  This new omega 3 ingredient transforms microalgae and sugar cane into sustainable, high-quality omega-3 DHA through precision fermentation, advancing diets, and delivering flexibility to pet food manufacturers without impacting the ocean and with a low carbon footprint.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Cut the middle fish: Go straight to the natural source and enjoy all the health benefits of algae-based omega-3 DHA
  • Better for the planet: Zero impact on the ocean and a positive impact on your carbon footprint
  • Easy-to-use: Highly concentrated biomass powder means it’s suitable for multiple applications


Is this the wave of the future, only the future holds the true answer.  What we do know is that we as humans are slowly depleting our food chain and our pets will be impacted as much as we are at some point or another.  Although at the time of this writing, we are not using this new technology to enhance or replace our omega-3 sources in our Canine Health Forward products. But, I can imagine that valid alternatives such as this must be looked at thoroughly if we are to provide a sustainable future on this planet we call home.  Not only for generations of our own family but for the dogs that we love so much.

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