Protein & Fat: Your Dog’s BFFs

It is no secret that dogs are carnivores, and are designed to eat primarily animal meat and fat sources. Both fat and protein digestion occurs primarily in the small intestine. As we discussed in Aiding Digestion with Genesis, conditioning and strengthening the health of the intestinal wall to increase absorption helps your dog reach his or her potential.

Let’s take a closer look at the fats and proteins that we are using in the Genesis product. A compatible ratio of fats to proteins will greatly help maintain a proper digestive tract environment. Too much fat or too much of the wrong type of fats can easily disrupt this digestive tract environment. Here at Canine Health Forward, we believe that Mother Nature has developed the very best balance of fat to protein ratios and in a chemical structure that best fits canines. Genesis provides natural animal fats that are found in our meat ingredients.

A quick look at the protein sources in the Genesis product shows that we use only spray dried meats. You probably hear “spray dried” and think, “I don’t want anything sprayed on my dog’s supplement.” But actually, this process preserves protein quality.

Here’s what spray drying means: a fine mist of meat particles is sprayed through a nozzle. When the product goes through the nozzle, it is projected through a column of air that is the correct temperature (205 to 212 degrees) to not only dry the meat products to a dehydrated form, but to also subject it to this temperature for a moment. A split second, really. Exposing the meat product to the correct heat for a short amount of time ensures that the key amino acid profile, or attributes of the protein, are not broken down or altered. Another benefit to this type of drying is that any bacteria that could be in the meat source is killed. This ensures a 100% bacteria-free meat product with an intact amino acid profile. That’s something you won’t see in traditionally dried meat products.

Our protein promise

Canine Health Forward meat products are guaranteed bacteria-free and not damaged by heat.

The right kind of fats

The addition of non-animal vegetable fats as a major dietary source of fat may disrupt normal digestive process, challenge the immune system and lead to less-than-optimal performance.  We steer clear of these because we wouldn’t put that in our own dogs’ bowls. Not to mention in the small intestine, where it can really wreck havoc. If we want that optimum ratio of proteins to fats and vice versa, we have to look at a fats a bit closer.

Each type of fat has a different chemistry profile that we call the fatty acid profile. This fatty acid profile has a lot to do with how well the fat is digested and how it compliments protein for utilization. For example, a fat found in a given protein source nicely compliments the protein digestion of that protein source and vice versa. The chemical structure of the fat and protein in that meat source are not only compatible, but they are also supportive to each other for proper digestion. Again, this is all by mimicking Mother Nature and the way food is meant to be.

Genesis provides an extraordinarily high performance blend of natural-source animal fats and compatible animal proteins for your dog. You will not see any vegetable-based fats such as coconut oil, corn oil or canola oil in Genesis. And that’s for a reason.

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