Aiding Digestion with Genesis

Start with a solid foundation.

The digestive tract is the beginning of your best friend. It’s where everything starts. We decided that, in order to make a canine supplement that can do more than what’s on the market currently, we needed to start at the beginning. Genesis helps condition the digestive tract properly so your dog can absorb the great products that you provide for them. It’s the way things were meant to be. After all, what good is a super premium dog food if your dog’s digestive tract isn’t taking in those beneficial nutrients?

Research has shown by using a group of specific proteins that contain a special balance of peptides, we can significantly increase the intestinal tissue health in canines compared to diets not containing this balance. But wait a minute, what is a peptide? Sounds like something a surfboard would go well with. Actually, a peptide is a group of short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds. In simpler terms, peptides are simpler compounds found in proteins. By using these specific peptides, we can greatly increase villi tissue, which is where the first steps of absorption occur in your dog. Electron microscope images of intestinal tracts treated with these peptides show evidence of this.

The healthier the villi, or intestinal tissue, the better the absorption of your dog’s diet will be. By increasing gut health, we can:

  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Improve nutrient efficiency
  • Reduce nutrient loss in the stool
  • Resulting in your dog getting more out of its food

This is the best start possible to a solid dietary foundation for you dog.

Now that we have that gut in the best shape possible, we need to create the friendliest of environments for your dogs digestion. We want your dog’s gut to feel better than a belly rub, at all times. To do that, we added a specific probiotic package with a high CFU count.

CFU? Sounds like we’re using code words, but it’s simply an acronym for Colony Forming Unit. A CFU is how probiotics are measured. We guarantee a CFU count of 113,000,000 live probiotics in every 2 oz. of the Genesis product. You may be shocked by the high count, but the facts are facts and that is what is needed to do the job. That is what we at Canine Health Forward do.
Then, we needed to add a natural balance of fats and proteins—like Mother Nature intended.

Learn why this protein and fat balance matter to your dog.

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