Genesis Proteinated Trace Minerals

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Trace minerals are minerals used in small amounts that are required for optimum nutrition and body function. For this, we choose to use only proteinated trace minerals. Proteinated trace minerals are trace minerals that have been enhanced to increase the bioavailability.

The critical trace minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium and cobalt when proteinated are 80% to 90% bioavailable. Compare this to the typical 5% to 40% bioavailability of conventional trace mineral sources.

Trace minerals are very important to many body functions in your dog, including immune system function and antibody production, tissue health (foot and pad health), hair coat quality, appetite, reproductive performance, enzyme function, and sustainable good health. Just to name a few.

We formulated Genisis with high levels of proteinated trace minerals to complement the conventional dog foods you feed to your active dog. Next, check out the Specialized Vitamins & Minerals we chose to include.

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