U.S. small company pet food sales still small but soaring

Private label pet food company  sales in the U.S. rose 25.6% in 2023, according to a new report from the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA).  That is quite impressive growth — yet the dollar amount, US$1.7 billion, still accounts for only 3.3% of the US$51 billion U.S. dog and cat food market


The U.S. is  home to several large private label and contract pet food manufacturers, some of which continually get even larger due to acquisition sprees.  Judging by the private label pet food sales data, they are also likely growing larger due to increased business demand as pet owners look for ways to better afford good, healthy food for their pets.


So why are we seeing such a surge in small pet food  companies?  I can’t say for sure but if I take a look at the brands like our own(Canine Health Forward), that make up this demographic I see one common trend.  Many of the smallest  companies have burst onto the scene with a vision to defy large pet food.  Mistruths and vague marketing have led consumers to not only question but ask hard questions to the companies that have taken hold of the petfood industry in large for over sixty years in one case.  People are starting to veer off of the common path in searching for high end products and tools, such as the internet and social media, have allowed them to do this faster than ever.  


Whatever the case I hope that consumers continue to search and ask those difficult questions to manufacturers of the food for the animals that we care for so dearly, be it the manufacturer large or small.

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