Patch-n-Go – A Customer’s Question

I returned a phone call from a customer that requested  information on Canine Health Forward’s Patch-n-Go, our topical healing salve.  Upon introducing myself on the call the person on the other end of the phone instantly blurted out the words, ”What’s in this stuff?!”  Caught off guard with how the conversation began, I returned fire with the answer, ”In regards to the ingredient list or what makes it work?”   The caller replied, ”Everything, everything, I mean tell me what you can about this stuff because it really works!”  I quickly gathered my thoughts and I asked for a little more information about the customer’s experience to get a better grip on what the situation was.


The family was on a trip over a long weekend several hundred miles from their home.  This family routinely brought their black lab with them when they traveled. This trip was no different. Exercising his dog at a local baseball field that was not in use seemed to be the best option for twice a day energy burns for the family companion.  After returning to the hotel after the evening exercise the family noticed a long and somewhat deep cut on one of the front legs just above the dewclaw.  After making a few phone calls to a couple emergency veterinary clinics the family had some time to calm down and look deeper at the wound.  They decided to  take care of the wound on their own for the evening, then traveling home that Sunday as planned and taking the dog to their own vet on Monday for care versus the $400 initial care charge at the ER clinic.  By chance the family had a 4oz container of Patch-n-Go in the dog’s travel bag along with an array of extras that they travel with.  They administered the product twice a day until they were able to visit their home vet that Monday afternoon.  


Upon several inspections leading up to and during the visit to the vet they discovered almost instant healing starting from deep within the wound.  Their vet was very pleased with the results within 48 hours and instructed them to continue with the topical salve they were already using and prescribed an antibiotic to help with any infection if it happened to occur.

The caller ended his story and I immediately told him that he wasn’t the first person to tell me this almost exact story. In fact I had heard it not only hundreds of times but I had seen it myself countless times.  The information that the caller was looking for had yet to be discussed so I went ahead and gave him the facts about the Patch-n-Go from start to finish.


Most healing salves are fairly empty products with very little healing properties if any and we set out to change that with the Patch-n-Go and Spectrum.  We formulated a product that not only was designed to heal but to heal like no other topical salve out there.  Here’s how it works.


-Creates a good healing environment by increasing blood flow to the wound area


-Takes the body’s natural healing response and rushes it to that same area.


-Naturally increases the healing process that your dog already biologically demonstrates.


We accomplish all of this with our highly effective essential oils included in effective amounts that really work.  These act as an antimicrobial to keep infection away, then we speed healing by tripling cell division to heal tissue.  All in one topical salve.  Use it on your dog, or on yourself, I think you’ll like the results.


Shortly after explaining this to the customer he repeated over and over that he had never seen any wound heal that fast.  Not on himself and certainly not on a dog. He said he wouldn’t be caught without the product on hand ever again.  That was an overview of yet another customer on Patch-n-Go.  Similar story, exact same amazing healing results. Because at Canine Health Forward, we believe every dog deserves this.

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    I’m definitely going to apply these to my dogs routine, so thank you!

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