Dig in: Spectrum

The Spectrum product was created along similar lines as our healing salve, Patch-N-Go. The difference is a much more powerful healing formula for those larger wounds and infections in a liquid form.

This liquid base product is easy to apply in those hard-to-get-at irritated tissue areas. We used a rainbow of nature’s finest botanical oils that would not only rapidly heal tissue by increasing circulation and cell division, but would also act as a cleansing aid to the irritated tissue. Not only is Spectrum an antibacterial, but it’s also an antifungal that acts as the most powerful defense while you dog’s wound is healing.

We do this with a slightly different blend of concentrated essential oils that are always safe for your dog to lick or ingest. Its ability to increase circulation and cell division, along with its antibacterial/antifungal properties, together give spectrum a powerful, fast-acting and unmatched performance.

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